Learn Montessori From Home

We are a group of MACTE and AMI certified instructors offering step by step Montessori video presentations for early childhood and elementary that you can learn at your own pace and the comfort of your home

Start your Montessori journey today!

Have you ever wanted to be a Montessori teacher but couldn't afford the expenses of the training? Are you looking for Montessori step by step video presentations and curriculum albums to manage your Montessori class or homeschool your child?

We offer you Montessori education at your fingertips and the comfort of your home. Start your Montessori Journey and have a MACTE certified instructor to guide you through it.

-In our courses you will have access to:

- Over 250 step by step video presentations for lessons in a Montessori Classroom.

-Lessons pdf manual with a step by step presentation with pictures and captions.

-In action observation videos with children to observe how they respond to the Montessori lesson in action.

-Resources to print for your class and shelf.

-Certificate of completion.