Geometry (Upper Elementary 9-12)

Everything you need to know about Montessori Geometry lessons for 9-12 age group

The advanced Montessori Geometry materials seamlessly blend concrete experiences with mathematical precision. In her book "Psychogeometry" P.55, Dr. Montessori describes these materials as "a gymnasium for the mind". Now everything makes sense and concepts that were once learnt unconsciously or at a sensorial level in casa and lower elementary, are now introduced with the mathematical terms and formulas paving the way towards abstraction.

This course is for educators, parents, or anyone who is passionate about learning how to empower children age (9-12) to internalize advanced Geometry concepts through step-by-step Montessori video lessons.

Module 1: The Study of Lines and Angles

In this module we will dive into the fundamental building blocks of geometry with the study of lines and angles. We will explore diagonals and the angles created by the transversal line and much more!

Module 2: The Study of Triangles

When children are introduced to the triangle, they are told that we call the triangle constructor because it is the smallest possible geometric plane figure (there cannot be other closed figures with fewer than three sides) and it is the constructor of all other figures. In one way or another, all straight-sided figures are a multiplication of the triangle. learners will manipulate geometric shapes to discover the relationships within triangles.

Module 3: The Study of Quadrilaterals

In this module, we will explore quadrilaterals and their properties. The videos include how to calculate the area of quadrilaterals and how to prove the formulas of the sum of angles at a concrete level.

Module 4: The Study of Circles

In this module, we will explore circles and their radii, diameters, and circumferences. Through Montessori-influenced exercises, learners will construct circles and explore geometric principles such as pi. Enhance the learning experience with art projects like creating mandala designs or arabesque designs usually inspire our students with the study of circles!

Module 5: Area with the yellow materials (Note: Can be introduced at the beginning of upper elementary before the previous modules)

Students will learn to calculate the space enclosed by geometric shapes using square units. This material is used as an introduction to the study of area. Through exercises with these triangles, the child discovers how the area of a triangle is derived.

Module 6: Equivalency

In this module, we will use the constructive triangles to demonstrate that all plane geometric figures can be constructed from triangles. By putting triangles together, equivalent figures are formed.

Module 7: Pythagoras Theorem

In this module, we will investigate the relationship between the sides of a right triangle using the Montessori metal plates.

Module 8: Volume

In this module, we will explore the concept of volume and its application to three-dimensional shapes. Montessori Metal Volume Containers are used to understand the formulas in an impressionistic concrete way rather than memorization.

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Dina Ahmed
Dina Ahmed

-I am a passionate MACTE certified Montessori educator, consultant, author, and founder of Montessori Tube Academy with over 14 years of experience.

-My journey started as I was a child, attending my lessons was a burden and I was always disengaged. Although in my personal time, I was a self-learner.

When I grew up, I realized that it was the teachers and lessons that were not engaging enough to entice my interest. Furthermore, when I was first introduced to Montessori 9 years ago, I decided to make a change, so I tried my best to make Montessori education more affordable and accessible by spreading the word, writing articles, creating courses, albums, and printables.

-Intending to share all my expertise in Montessori across the world, I created a step-by step video encyclopedia that includes more than 250 videos that you can watch at your own pace, as well as, Pdf manuals that can move you from A to Z as a Montessori Teacher.

-No prior Montessori knowledge is required for this course.

All you need is your P A S S I O N and to enjoy your learning journey with Montessori Tube Academy

Yours in education,

Dina Ahmed

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and is completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start! You will have access for one year only that will be auto renewed unless you choose to cancel it anytime.
Is more content going to be added to the course?
Yes! We update and add more video lessons to our courses frequently. You will have access to all the Montessori Geometry materials for upper elementary. However more lessons are usually added to show the guide how we can move to a more abstract level.
What age group is this course designed for?
This course is designed for upper elementary students, typically aged 9-12 years old.
I am an MTA member or Kickstarter backer, do I need to enroll in this course separately or do I already have access to the videos?
If you are an MTA member or backed our Kickstarter campaign in 2020, you already have access to this course. If you cannot see it listed as part of your courses on the dashboard, send us an email: [email protected]
Is registration is this course open all year round?
Enrollment in this course is open twice a year in March and October.
Is this course suitable for educators and parents who want to learn how to present Montessori geometry lessons and materials to children aged 9-12?
Yes, absolutely! This course is designed not only for upper elementary students, educators, parents, and anyone interested in learning how to effectively present Montessori geometry lessons and materials to children in the upper elementary age range (9-12 years old). Our step-by-step video lessons provide comprehensive guidance on presenting each lesson and using Montessori materials to facilitate meaningful learning experiences for students. Whether you're a teacher in a Montessori classroom or a parent homeschooling your child, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to confidently introduce geometry concepts using the Montessori approach.
Are there any digital printables included with this course?
At the moment no digital printables are available for this course. You will have access to video lessons only. However, we frequently add new content to our courses whether they are digital printables or new videos.
How are the lessons structured?
The lessons are structured to follow the Montessori sequential order of presenting the materials. Geometry concepts build on each other and prior knowledge is important. Each video lesson is accompanied by step-by-step demonstrations of how to present the concept using the Montessori material, as well as, suggested follow up activities.
Do I need the Montessori materials to follow along?
Yes, we highly recommend having the authentic materials for precision. However, you can create the materials as DIY. Most of them are made of shapes that can be cut using cardboard or other materials.

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