MTA Club Montessori Membership (Elementary 6-12)

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Being a member of our MTA (Montessori Tube Academy) 6-12 Elementary inclusive club will grant you access to:

  • All our lower and upper elementary e-courses that include hundreds of Montessori video presentations.
  • BONUS: Until you get familiar with Montessori and how to plan out the work that goes on the shelves for your child or students, we offer you one year of weekly lesson plans for the Montessori 6-9 and 9-12 lessons. This is one of the main reasons our program became so popular and used by hundreds of parents and schools across the world, since we started it during COVID-19 when many parents suddenly found themselves their child's teacher.
  • Access to all our 6-12 printables and exclusive printables available only for our MTA members.
  • Every month we offer a guide that includes the scope and sequence of the lower and upper elementary lessons that will be covered. This covers all areas of the Montessori classroom. We know that not every parent is a teacher, so we tried to be detailed.
  • Some DIY ideas

This program sounds too good to be true, but you got it right! This is your vault to have access to all Montessori 3-6 resources that meet the different needs. From video lessons to lesson plans and printables we have got you covered.

85% of our existing members are either working in a Montessori public or private school, in a school with no Montessori mentors, homeschooling with Montessori, or even just inspired by Montessori and want to get started. Those are the members who find value in every part of this program.

While 15% are experienced Montessori teachers in all planes of development or just one age group. For experienced teachers, they find the videos the most valuable component of this program.

I am not sure about you, but I have almost been there in all these stages through my journey, and I understand how each phase feels and that’s why we came up with the idea of this program. Now, I can confidently say that Montessori is our way of life in its principles before the materials.

We hope that by this program your teaching journey is stress free! Children deserve to spend more time with us that is full of free play, joy, and learning through free will, not through 40 minutes interval classes.

One of the things members of this program appreciate is the amount of time they save to research the different topics. The lesson plans include a step-by-step presentation and explanation that will guide the adults. Some of us left high school Math and Science a long time ago and they weren’t our favorite parts.

How to get the most of this membership

1- Download the scope and sequence for the whole year (Year 1 and 2 of the membership). They are currently available for FREE download here. Also, once you sign up,

2- Once you register in the program, check out the printables folders for each area (Language, Math, Cosmic, Social-emotional, Practical life, Art, and sensorial). You will find each area in a separate section once you login. There are over 185 printables, you may want to start by downloading the ones that you think will use this year with your child.

3- If you have experience with Montessori and know how to observe the child, give freedom of choice, and prepare the environment according to their current interests and needs, then you can use the yearly planner and plan the first 3 months. As you observe the child, you can plan the next three months based on their progress. The prepared plans are there for you in case the child is interested/ready for the lessons included. Choose parts of them and come up with your own plan.

Note: We do not expect that every Monday you will rotate the materials on the shelf and start a new plan. The weekly breakdown is more for the parents and teachers than it is for the children.

4- If you are still building your experience in homeschooling or teaching students in a Montessori setting and feel overwhelmed, follow the suggested weekly plans. However, add more materials on the shelf according to the child’s interests. Observing the child and preparing the environment according to their progress is what Montessori is all about. However, I have been there and understand that it takes time to master this skill. So, we have got you all covered with videos, plans, and resources that can guide you through the process.

5- Watch the videos for the lessons before presenting them and familiarize yourself with the scope and sequence. For example, if the child is interested in learning division but they haven’t learnt multiplication or subtraction yet, present it to them to fulfill their interest but prepare the environment to include inviting multiplication lessons.

Here's what people have to say about this program:

Your Instructor

Dina Ahmed
Dina Ahmed

-I am a passionate MACTE certified Montessori educator, consultant, author, and founder of Montessori Tube Academy with over 14 years of experience.

-My journey started as I was a child, attending my lessons was a burden and I was always disengaged. Although in my personal time, I was a self-learner.

When I grew up, I realized that it was the teachers and lessons that were not engaging enough to entice my interest. Furthermore, when I was first introduced to Montessori 9 years ago, I decided to make a change, so I tried my best to make Montessori education more affordable and accessible by spreading the word, writing articles, creating courses, albums, and printables.

-Intending to share all my expertise in Montessori across the world, I created a step-by step video encyclopedia that includes more than 250 videos that you can watch at your own pace, as well as, Pdf manuals that can move you from A to Z as a Montessori Teacher.

-No prior Montessori knowledge is required for this course.

All you need is your P A S S I O N and to enjoy your learning journey with Montessori Tube Academy

Yours in education,

Dina Ahmed

[email protected]

Course Curriculum

  MTA Scope and Sequence Year 1 and Year 2 + Blank Planner
Available in days
days after you enroll
  All Language Printables
Available in days
days after you enroll
  All Math Printables
Available in days
days after you enroll
  All Cosmic Printables
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Social-emotional and Character Education
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Beginning of Year 2 MTA Club (Please download the scope and sequence below)
Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

Geometry (Upper Elementary 9-12)
Everything you need to know about Montessori Geometry lessons for 9-12 age group
Dina Ahmed
Arithmetic, Algebra, and Operations with Decimals Course (Upper Elementary 9-12)
Dina Ahmed
Chemistry Course (Upper Elementary 9-12)
Level up your Chemistry skills as a teacher or homeschooling parent!
Dina Ahmed
Montessori Grammar Course
All you need to know to have a rich Grammar shelf as a teacher, parent, homeschooler
Dina Ahmed
Montessori Geometry Course for Early Childhood and Lower Elementary
Learn how to introduce Montessori Geometry lessons in Early childhood and lower elementary
Dina Ahmed
How to introduce fractions with all operations in Montessori
All you need to know to introduce fractions from early childhood to lower elementary
Dina Ahmed
Montessori Cosmic Course for early childhood and elementary
Explore Geography, Culture, Astronomy, and the Montessori great lessons.
Dina Ahmed
Learn numeration and operations with Montessori materials
Step by step presentations from early numeration to long division
Dina Ahmed
Montessori Sewing Course
Step by step presentations to Integrate Sewing in your Montessori Daily Activities and Curriculum
Dina Ahmed
Helping your child unleash the artist within
Everything you need to know to teach your child art from early childhood through elementary
Dina Ahmed
Grammar and Language (Upper elementary 9-12)
Dina Ahmed
Biology and Botany (Upper Elementary 9-12)
Dina Ahmed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have lifetime access to the MTA club membership?
This is a yearly subscription, so you can have access to all the resources as long as you choose to be a member only. If you cancel the membership, you will no longer have access to the plans or courses that you had access to. It is also not a contract, so it can be cancelled anytime.
Which age group is covered?
Lessons plans, printables, and video lessons that cover the age range of lower elementary 6-9, and upper elementary 9-12. So, you will have access to everything (courses, printables, curriculum, and lesson plans for this age range (ALL in ONE PLACE and with this one membership not separate memberships)
Can I join the MTA club anytime?
Registration opens twice a year in (August and January) for a limited time.
I am a bit overwhelmed with the resources, where do I start from?
We totally understand that the number of resources is overwhelming and not every parent or teacher is Montessori trained. For this reason, we offer monthly guide with weekly lesson plans, so you can know exactly what you need to do. You will also find a full year planner with scope and sequence that you can download for FREE to know what to expect in the first year of this program.
Will I have access to other bundles from other creators?
No, you will only have access to our resources. If we are part of any other resource with other creators, you will need to buy this separately.
Will I have access to the plans for the whole year as soon as I sign up?
Yes. Once you sign up, you will have instant access to all 6-9 plans for the first year and 9-12 plans for the first 7 months and it's growing. In total you will have access to 144 lesson plans for the whole year!
Are all the Montessori lessons covered in the first year?
No. Please check the scope and sequence of what to expect in the first year of this program. It is available for FREE download if you visit our website ( in the FREE Resources Section. Next year, if you renew the membership, you will be able to unlock another year. The plans build on each other.
I am already an existing member, am I missing anything?
Existing members already have access to all the plans based on the plan they joined with.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you choose to join us again you're welcome to join us with the new rates.

This course is closed for enrollment.